Health and fitness columns

I wrote health and fitness columns for my local newspaper for many years, and recently I’ve been writing pieces for a website called Sixty and Me. These are a few samples of my writing.


An Award Winner—

first place at the University Of Wisconsin Writer’s Conference, 2002

The Other  F-Word

I know, I’m sorry. It’s indelicate of me to even mention it, but--well, we all face it. Flatulence. Gas. Wind. And it’s doggone embarrassing.

Actually, I have to admit I’ve found this a hilarious topic all my life. In the area of flatulence, I’ve never really grown up. My friends were raised in sophisticated (deaf?) families that dealt with gas mishaps maturely, either ignoring them or excusing themselves. I grew up with brothers. When The Event occurred, one of them would jeer, “Who Let One?” and the culprit would either turn crimson or laugh demonically, setting the rest of us off into gales of mirth. Because my offenses were silent ones (Silent But Deadly), my brothers grew up thinking that girls didn’t pass gas.

Well, the gig’s up. We do. Everyone does.

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Longer life

I write monthly articles for Sixty and Me, a website for women in my (aging) generation. Here’s a sample, “4 Easy and achievable practices to lead you to a longer, healthier life.” (The article is mine, but I had a snappier title. Oh, well.)

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Thin Behaviors

This is another article I wrote for Sixty and Me, a website for women of my generation. Of course, the advice works for anyone. Instead of thinking “diet,” we need to think of “thin behaviors.” It helps—really.