Outdoor adventure articles

written by Ann Marie Mershon

As an outdoor adventurer myself, I’ve written articles on canoeing, kayaking, skiing, hiking and climbing winter waterfalls (among other things). Here is a small sample of some of my articles.


Voyageur women

I’ve spent most of my life canoeing, and my favorite experiences have been canoeing the boundary waters with women. A group of local friends began taking annual women’s trips in 1981, and we eventually named ourselves “The Ladytrippers.” I wrote this article in 2000 for Weight Watchers Magazine about our adventures, entitled “Wilderness Diary.”

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Trekking the Kadunce River

One of my favorite activities is trekking the local rivers near my home in Grand Marais, and it’s never more exciting than in the winter. I’ve written articles for both Silent Sports and The Ridgeline about these adventures. My favorite was “Winter Serendipity? Try a ski trek up the Kadunce River.” (I’ve only broken through the ice a few times.)

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Mayu on the Kadunce


Building the Superior Hiking Trail

"Skirmish at Jonvick Creek” was an article I wrote for the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer Magazine about the trials of establishing the Superior Hiking Trail, which runs from Duluth, Minnesota to the Canadian border. My friend Ann Russ was the first maintenance supervisor, much to the chagrin of our local beaver population. This article chronicled her battle with the mighty beaver family in establishing control of the river crossing.

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