Travel Articles written by Ann Marie Mershon



That Old Boulder-Jumper, Finn

Lake Superior Magazine, August 1, 2014

This article is an account of a kayak trip along Lake Superior’s Pukaskwa National Wilderness (pronounced PUCK-a-saw), where we met an amazing old kayaker who could paddle circles around us.

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Savoring Edda’s Istanbul

Edda Weissenbacher and I co-authored a guidebook of walking tours, and I wrote this article about her for Lale, a publication of the International Women of Istanbul. Edda is a brilliant, amazing woman, and I’m thankful to have shared this collaboration with her.

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Tea in the stream: Me, Lorna, Marnie, Korhan.jpg

Women of the Euphrates

During my second year teaching in Istanbul I joined an archeological tour to Divriği and Kemaliye on the Euphrates River. It was an amazing experience, proving all the warnings wrong that it would be dangerous for a Westerner to visit Eastern Turkey. The people were warm and welcoming.

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