My friend Edda Weissenbacher and I co-authored this guide based on her Istanbul tours.

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Istanbul’s Bazaar Quarter:

Backstreet Walking Tours

Istanbul has always been a center of commerce, thanks to its location on the Bosphorus, the gateway between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea—the West and the East. The world-renowned Grand Bazaar sits high on a hill with centuries-old markets and hans (city caravansarays) scattered down the hill to the Egyptian Bazaar, also known as the Spice Bazaar. Edda explored these streets for years, guiding historical walking tours that are now available in book form.

Ta-Da! Istanbul's Bazaar Quarter, Backstreet Walking Tours offers four self-guided walking tours through Istanbul's ancient Bazaar Quarter, the next best thing to having Edda as your guide.


A dear friend…

My good friend Edda Weissenbacher and I collaborated on this book to bring her back-street walking tours to people outside her circle of friends. The book has been successful, now in its third printing. Edda's years of exploring the back streets of Istanbul and researching its history make the book's four walking tours fascinating forays into the past centuries of Constantinople.